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Advancement of Online Technology in Advertising


Your Audience

Reach your targeted audience with impact and great accuracy.

Online Technology

We build highly powerful and customised web applications, technological platforms to boost your campaigns and support your growth.

Your Control

With our specialised advertising solution, you are never before more in control of your destiny in business and life.

Overcome Business Challenges with Online Advertising

Your business is facing a lot of competitions from everywhere.But you can count on us to help you stand out from them utilising our experience in advertising and technology. We help you win customers and stay ahead of the curve using our expertise in social media strategies, Google advertising, Advertising network, media planning and buying.

Social Media Strategies

One of our core areas of expertise is social media. As of 2014, there are 13.3 million Malaysians (45% of the population) surfing Facebook and the numbers are increasing every day. Social media like facebook is an essential channel that brands must utilise to reach out to their consumers. However, technology and privacy policy change all the time and brands could not keep up with the rapid changes in those platforms. We are here to help you understand and cope with the rapid changes.

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Technological Platforms

We have built an extraordinary advertising platform that helps win you customers. Through our experience in online advertising, your brand can reach your dream audience easily at an extremely competitive pricing and with an extremely high accuracy in your targeted audience. 


Brands That We Help

We have helped various brands overcome challenges.

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Case Studies

  • Problem:

    VICHI fashion operating under was facing the intense challenge of capturing their ideal audience under an extremely competitive fashion market.


    We helped them understand their core audience, leading them through a series of questions and helping them with market research. We helped them unleash their unique value propositions and guided them to the right channels to capture their highly targeted audience.


    Their return on their advertising budget is extremely encouraging. They reached out to more than 1 million audience within 1-2 weeks and their facebook fanpage's likes increased by more than 100 folds. The estimated return for VICHI is RM 10 for every RM1 spent.

  • Problem:

    Facing a limited budget and spending a lot on traditional advertising to recruit students to Saito, Saito decided to try out online advertising with Weeclicks.


    We helped Saito to clearly identify their unique value propositions and slogans. We also redesigned their website and brochure to reinvigorate their brand identity. After helping them to reinvigorate their brand identity through design, we helped them identify suitable online channels and platforms through thorough analysis of data and helped them spend their advertising budget on those channels.


    They managed to reach out to more than 10 million people in a span of 4 weeks and managed to obtain valuable enquiries in the hundreds. Their estimated return is RM 15 for every RM 1 spent.